Hello everyone! I recently purchased some new bits and pieces for myself and I wanted to give some mini reviews and first impressions of what I picked up! I hope you enjoy, and please give me your thoughts if you have any of these products! MAKEUP FOREVER WATER BLEND FOUNDATION (Y215) I received this as … More NEW MAKEUP

How To: Spot Conceal

Covering blemishes can be a tricky business, but it can be done! Firstly, you have to understand that covering texture on your skin is essentially impossible- so don’t trust add campaigns that show bumpy, textured skin in the ‘before’ photo, and smooth, blemish free skin in the ‘after’ photo- this simply isn’t possible. There are … More How To: Spot Conceal

Glow On A Budget!

I’ve spoken in some detail about my absolute favourite liquid illuminators, but today I’m going to break down some of the best powder highlighters available at your local drugstore, or at an affordable price online. A gorgeous glow is very much trending in the beauty world at the moment, but there’s no reason to break … More Glow On A Budget!

Autumn Makeup

As the seasons change, inevitably so does our makeup. I have noticed recently some firm favourites that have trickled back into my routine since the sunshine has left us (although in Northern Ireland the absence of sun is almost a year-round occurrence) and thought it would make an interesting post! Keep reading if you’d like … More Autumn Makeup